Sunday, July 30, 2017

Long Days, Short Years

Seriously? On Tuesday it's gonna be August 1st already? Of 2017??


When I first heard the saying, "The days are long but the years are short," I didn't understand it.
I do now.

In less than two weeks I will finish this summer semester. That means I will have finished one whole year of school. I can barely believe it.

I can barely believe any of it.

I never got pregnant.
None of the dietary changes, vitamins, supplements, or acupuncture worked.
None of the fertility treatments succeeded.

I spent four months applying to graduate school.
I gave away half my stuff.
I sold my house.
I went back to school.

And now I have finished a year.

All I know is when that last IVF did not result in pregnancy, I was spent. I had nothing left. I had spent three years of my life trying to have children (it felt like a decade) and I felt like I had nothing to show for it. I promised myself that I wouldn't be sitting in the same chair in the same house doing the same thing three years from that point. That was two years and four months ago.

Let's keep this party going...


  1. Phoenix, I've never heard that saying till now. It's so true. The days are long and tedious but the years are dangerously short. August already: unreal. I'm already getting the heebie-jeebies about my birthday in January. Where does the time go? I've achieved nothing this last academic year. Gah.

    1. Hi Shores!!

      I wouldn't be so quick to say you've achieved nothing in the past year. For one, I know you've helped me a lot with your blog posts. You are an awesome writer and a gifted photographer. Plus, in my opinion, achievement isn't always about accomplishment. I found a greeting card in a store one time that I loved so much I bought it and put it in a frame. It says, "Sometimes happiness is simply sitting still." <3

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comment. It's so good to see you around! :)

  2. "Party on, Wayne." ;) (Sorry, couldn't resist, lol.) Yes, I can't believe how quickly time flies by either...!

    1. Yesss!!! :) Hahaha thank you for the Wayne's World reference!