Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Surviving Right Now

I'm still here; I just haven't had much to say. More precisely, I've had plenty to say but haven't felt like saying much. I feel like I am cycling through the same tired topics in my head. It's much like... Y'know... Infertility...

Some things don't have a definitive ending. They happen over time and change your life forever. It can take years to figure out how to live again within your new reality.

I think that's how I'm surviving right now. I'm relying on what all I learned while surviving infertility. Establishing boundaries. Practicing acceptance. Cultivating gratitude. Enjoying the little things.

None of it is easy, but what is the alternative? If I'm miserable enduring something and I'm miserable while working to change it, well then, sign me up for the work. I may not be able to change anything that's happening around me, but I can always work on myself.

And I say "work on myself" lightly. I don't have much left over these days. I go to work, I run my limited errands, I do my laundry, and I sleep a lot. But that is enough. Especially right now.



  1. Just surviving is an accomplishment right now. Take care. Don't expect too much of yourself.

  2. These are challenging times, Phoenix. I agree that it is enough to work, eat and sleep. Warm November greetings!

  3. It's nice when you can use the lessons learned in surviving infertility to survive other situations, like... surviving a pandemic. It sucks that you have to employ these strategies, but I'm glad you have them in your arsenal. And agree with others, life is tough right now. Just making it through the day is a win. 💜