Sunday, September 8, 2019

He Said It

I knew going back to work, especially in a school, would provide plenty of blog material...

Take one of my lunch periods this past week, for example.

I enjoy eating lunch with four other teachers in the teacher's lounge. Unlike other schools where I have worked, this campus has yet to have any of the clique-y behavior that I've experienced in the past. It is really refreshing. So I look forward to lunch, where I can see four friendly faces, touch base about students, and enjoy some conversation with fellow adults.

Last week one of the teachers was apologizing that she had to leave early or arrive late (I forget which) because she was taking one of her kids to take his driving test to get his driver's license. She was saying how she hates to miss work, that she wished it wasn't so hard trying to fit in necessary errands around the work schedule.

No one was complaining. Not her and not any of the other teachers. It was just a simple conversation about trying to fit everything one needs to get done into the day.

But... And this is what cracked me up... And there was no negativity in the room or in anyone's tone or anything...

But one of the other teachers is a first year teacher, a young guy who recently graduated from college and is single with no kids. And he said something I've never heard said out loud before.

He said, "Well, at least you have an excuse to take a little break out of your regular day. What am I supposed to do? Call in and say I have to stay home to water my plants today??"

And everyone laughed. Hahaha. Like I said, it's a good lunch group. But the infertile part of me especially enjoyed that comment. It was said so honestly and freely and it was received so well.


  1. I'm glad he said it, and that it was received so well. I bet he never thought twice about saying it. If a woman had said it the reaction might have been different. Hopefully not, in your nice lunch group. How cool to have a group you can be comfortable with.

  2. Ha I like that. I actually want to be a bit more jokey and vocal myself in situations like this, rather than being super tolerant and PC with parents - I mean, this young guy is totally right! Parents have an automatic excuse for everything and never have to use their imaginations.

  3. Mali makes an excellent point... a woman saying the same thing might not have been so well received. But I'm glad he said it anyway! (& that it was so well received). So true!!

  4. How lovely to have a teacher group that feels warm and welcoming and not cliquey! That's a rare and beautiful thing, schools can be tough places for that sort of stuff. I love this guy and his honesty! You know, a woman would have likely been received differently for that comment, but house brilliant that he said it and it was a chuckle but also a HAHA moment for you (and new!). Glad things are going well!

  5. How fabulous that you have 4 friendly faces at lunch! Doesn’t it make work more appealing when you have people you can share a bit of work down time with? I’m loving the comment from your male colleague - interesting that it was taken in the spirit it was too and a glimmer of hope from me that slowly the tide may be shifting slightly... thanks for sharing!
    Glad all is going well for you too!