Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Sleeping To Restore

Is sleep a privilege? I've been requiring and, fortunately, getting a lot of sleep lately. But I don't mention it in casual conversation at work. I feel like I have sleep privilege. I hear my co-workers talk about not sleeping through the night with a baby or getting up with a sick kid. I know they're tired. I mean, dang, *I* am tired and I am getting a full night's sleep every night.

I made a comment about taking a nap once and my Department Lead asked me to think of her when I took my naps. I smiled and replied, "Sure, I'll think of you when I nap and you can think of me when you get little kid snuggles and together we'll have it all" and somehow it wasn't awkward or rude sounding or over sharing or anything that left me with a weird feeling later. It was just the two of us talking and the conversation just flowed and we both laughed and I doubt she's thought about it since.

So that's what's been going on with me.

Sleep. Work. Learning this new job that's kicking my butt and brain. It's a great opportunity because I was hired to cover two different departments, but I'm learning both systems as things come up. It's a not-linear way of learning (aka real life) and it's hard. 

I went from hibernating all winter to being vaccinated, working, and interacting with (masked!) people. It's a lot of physical, social, and cognitive demands. It's a lot to adjust to. 

I'm appreciating it! I'm just tired. And I'm thankful for my restorative sleep.


  1. Sleep is one of the great gifts of our childless life, I think. I love your response to your Dept Lead, and the way you both accepted it as a natural discussion. She may well have thought about it since, when she has snuggled her child. I hope so. I hope it has made her snuggles better, just as you are maybe more thankful for your restorative sleep.

    I've been sleeping well too, lately. Tonight I won't though. I've just checked the French Open schedule, and the games I want to watch start at about 1 am and 3.30 am! I'll sleep tomorrow. LOL

    1. My co-worker is thoughtful. Maybe she did think about it again. And I hope she does enjoy her snuggles! (But I know she does)

      Oh my goodness, I've been known to get up early for certain sports events, but I think 3:30m am even beats my record! :)

      I appreciate my sleep!! So much. <3

  2. I don't always sleep well myself -- but yeah, as childless/free people we probably get a lot more sleep than parents of small children do. (Although things may even out somewhat during menopause, lol.) Being both childless/free AND retired, even if I've had a lousy night's sleep, I don't have to get up early for work (or anything else) most mornings, and I can sleep in or nap to make up for the hours lost. :) As I've said before about childlessness, there has to be SOME compensation, right? ;)

    1. I will take my sleeping privilege! Sleep is so restorative!! <3