Thursday, January 13, 2022

Good News To Share

I was texting with a friend from grad school earlier today. After living elsewhere for several years, she will soon be moving back to her home state to be near her family. She and her husband found and bought a house that they love. Then she interviewed for two different jobs and she just accepted the position she wanted. I know you don't know this person, but isn't that great news?! 

I need more good news in my life.

My negative thought loop has recently included the pandemic, unemployment, inflation, and how to navigate difficult relationships with loved ones, which usually loops me back to the pandemic... Sigh... 

Then I was texting with my friend this morning and I was so happy to hear all of her good news!

I need more of that in my life.
So how about it? What's your good news?

As for me, I am enjoying the last few days of this month-long break I've given myself since ending my last job. Here's some of my good news lately:

  • I went and saw a lot of my family over the holidays. I saw my parents (for the second time since 2020), one of my sisters (for the first time since the pandemic!), and my aunt, uncle, and cousins (for the first time in three years!!). Additionally, I had a couple of very good conversations with my other sister on the phone over the weekend. I did not like traveling at all, but I wore N95 masks and took all the precautions I could. I didn't get covid so I can say the trip was worth it. Thank God I saw my family.

  • My boyfriend and I are making the best of our time at home during this period of high infection rates. I started a new quilt for my dad's upcoming birthday, plus a couple of other quilts that I want to try and sell. My boyfriend makes whatever recipe he feels that day and I get to reap the benefits. I've had everything from homemade beer bread to smoked chicken to chocolate chip and coffee cookies lately. We really miss hanging out with other people, but we are thankful for our home.

  • I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do for the next part of my career. I have several ideas and I kind of just want to try everything at once. Maybe things will figure themselves out. What will work out will work out, and what won't, won't. I figure, as long as I am willing to put in the work, *something* will work out...

  • Which brings me to my Word Of The Year for 2022: figure! Hahaha. I wrote about my WOTY for 2021 here. This year I looked at one of my favorite resources again, The Self-Love Rainbow. I did not go through a journaling process this time, mainly because the same phrase kept coming to me over and over. "I will figure it out." My next job? My finances? Starting a small business? Going back to school? (Yes, that's something I'm considering.) Enduring a pandemic?

    "I will f*&%ing figure it out."

    So, "figure" it is! It's a simple WOTY, but it feels right for me right now.

Again, how about you? What's your good news? 

Do you have a WOTY? What little things are you enjoying? Did you notice yourself thinking positively about yourself any time recently? (Because, hey girl, you ARE badass and beautiful!!) 

Tell me good things. I want to celebrate with you!


  1. My WOTY: walking.

    My good news: I am very grateful that I can work full time from home during the high rising new cases of covid. I can start very early and then at around noon, when the sun is the strongest, I take two hours off work to go for a really long walk through the forest. I love walking so much. It is safe and it is good for my body & soul.

    1. Yes!! I love your WOTY! :)

      I am so thankful you are employed and that you are able to work safely from home. You have a good plan! It wouldn't hurt me to adopt your idea... :)

      I celebrate your safety and your ability to exercise in beautiful nature!

  2. I love your idea :-)
    My WOTY: singing!
    And I am thankful that I could sing again a concert with my choir and an orchester in last December, for the first time in the last 2 years.

    1. I miss live music so much!! I am so happy to hear that you got to sing in a concert last month! :)))

      Singing is SO GOOD for the soul. I can't really carry a tune, but that doesn't stop me from singing hahaha!

  3. "Figure" is a wonderful WOTY. I don't have a WOTY, though I think my WOTS (Word/idea of the summer) should be "seize the day" while we can here in NZ. We have covid in the community for the first time, but vaccinations and vaccine passes seem to have contained it so far to low levels. Omicron is coming, but I need to make the most of its absence while I can!

    Other good news - I stood on the scales last week and saw the first drop in a long time. I've plateaued for about 7 months, so it was good to see. (Then we had visitors, went out for dinner, so I'm too scared to stand on the scales again, lol!)

    And it's summer, and we are enjoying the summer foods and temperatures. That makes me smile, even though I love autumn and winter too.

    1. Thanks! I like "seize the day" a lot! Although maybe I should not apply it to fabric shopping hahaha.

      I'm glad you're seeing the progress you want and I'm also glad you are still enjoying dinners out! I'm so glad NZ has been good at containing/limiting the virus so far! <3

      Ahh, summer. All I want is winter when I'm in the middle of the heat of the summer. But now that I'm in the middle of winter... Haha. No, I like both. I appreciate all four seasons.

      Enjoy!! :)

  4. I loved reading about all your good things, especially that you got to see your family over Christmas! I've never done the Word of the Year thing, but I must say, I like yours! Good news/things in my life lately: getting to spend time with Little Great-Nephew, no cavities at the dentist yesterday, and blue skies & sunshine (albeit the temperature is frigid, but you can't have everything, right??). ;)

    1. It's so important to celebrate the good things, large and small. Hey, I really like your good news!! Congrats on no cavities and enjoy that blue sky and sunshine (and your time with LGN too, of course)! :)