Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Busy Again: A Joyous Update

It seems the busier I am, the more I blog...

But I have great news to share. I got new jobs!! (Yes, plural. Lol. But neither said they could guarantee a lot of hours. I've got my monthly mortgage to pay, so I accepted both offers.)

It was time to go back to work. 

I am deeply grateful that I was able to take time to rest and reset after my last two job experiences, both of which were extremely negative. There were no covid precautions at one (and this was before vaccines) and I was lied to and called a liar at the other. So after that, as well as after enduring infertility, failed fertility treatments, an entry-level graduate program with unsupportive and toxic professors, my divorce, and five moves in the last six years... 

I needed a break.
So I took it.

But after my break, I am broke. Ha! 

Not poor. I would never say that. I have a home, food, and love in my life. I am not poor.
But I am broke. And just a little bit bored. So I am really happy I get to go back to work.

I started my first job yesterday. It's at a nursing home. So far, I love it!!

I start my second job next week. It's at a hospital. I'm looking forward to that too. Which is funny... Because I *hate* hospitals. But providing patient care gives my life meaning and I really enjoy it. I like helping people feel better and get home. Home is where I always want to be, and I'm sure my patients feel the same way.

So my new direction for my new career is off to a start! I am working with adults, and I have a ton to learn. That will keep me busy. In addition to my post-professional doctoral program.

I'm also feeling good because, after not quilting for three months, I felt inspired this past weekend. I went to a quilt meeting last week (masked, of course, I'm still being cautious even though my family literally calls me crazy but that's a post for another day... or not) and made myself sign up for a workshop in a couple of months. I picked up a handout about the pattern and went home to pick out fabric for it. I am so excited to make this pattern and learn new techniques.

So, I am excited. And I'm also tired. Hahaha. I always seem to be tired... Such is life. But the end of this semester is very challenging. I am having to dig deep for discipline to get my last assignments completed. I still have a major project that I need to somehow get done over the next two weeks. While I learn my new jobs... With a long commute. But that's okay. We all know life doesn't work itself out in a nice, neat, and orderly fashion. I guess I'm just in a busy period. 

I'm glad it's full of good stuff at least. Work, school, and renewed inspiration.

I showed up to my first day of work yesterday and look what's hanging outside the office! This is a close-up picture of a hand sewn quilt made in 1905 that was donated to the facility. Wow!!

This is the fabric I've chosen for the main print for my next big quilt project.
Ok, in all honesty, my boyfriend chose it. I narrowed down my fabric choices and was leaning toward another one. But when I asked him for his opinion, he chose this one. He has a good eye for design, so I went with it. The pattern is for a queen size quilt, my biggest project yet.


  1. Yay! Congrats on your two jobs! I think the quilt is sort of a nod from the cosmos. I love your new fabric, so colorful and a little 60s-70s retro! I feel like I had curtains or an apron or something like that in a similar pattern when I was tiny. And you're not crazy for masking. I feel like when people are judgy, it's like, "why do you care so much what I put on MY FACE?" Argle blargle. I'm glad you're in a good news space!

    1. "Argle Blargle." Hahahaha!! Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Congratulations on the new jobs! and the fresh new start

    1. Thank you!! Fresh starts abound. I've got some more posts percolating in my brain... July 2022 has been very transformational for me.

  3. congratulations on the two jobs!! I am very happy for you!