Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Annoyed At Work

Parents are on my damn nerves. All of them. Everywhere.

Nah, not really. Hahaha. Exaggerations like that are rarely helpful. 

Let me get specific: I am very annoyed with one co-worker's constant parent-related comments.

There. I said it.

(May this blog forever remain anonymous so that my mom, sisters, and random co-workers throughout the years never find it.)

But I get annoyed at all of the little comments that she says every day. Things like "I'm a mom and my kids will always come first" [when talking about work, which, of course they will but why tell *me* that?] and "Well I can't buy extra stuff because I have my own kids to buy for" [uh, okay, no one asked her to buy anything, I was just showing her some things I'd picked up at the store]. 

I know the comments have nothing to do with me and are all about her and where she is in her life right now but STILL...

In isolation, the individual comments are not that bad. But over time...
Apparently, they add up. Because I am Annoyed. 

I just want to complain. I am so over it. 

She was supposed to train me, but she wasn't very good at doing that. She is skilled though so I do have a lot to learn from her. She's quick to correct me on little (i.e., inconsequential, unnecessary) things but doesn't help me on big (e.g., organizational processes) things. Plus, after working there for less than a month, she told me to stop asking so many questions or I was going to burn her out. I thought that was weird.

So there are some work style differences there. That's to be expected. 

It's the Mommyness I don't like. The latest comment was "Well, I have to. Because of my kids." 

True statement. Could be said about a million different things. Could also come off sounding really judgmental if you are talking to a woman who does not have kids.

I've just had my fill lately. 

I replied in all seriousness, "Yeah, me too," out loud in the office and no one even noticed.

But it entertained me.



  1. I know. I hear comments like that ALL the time.
    I am also done being quiet and sometimes I reply something very witty. Well, I think it is witty - like your reply Me too. But most of the time people don't get it...

  2. LOL!!! I'm so glad it entertained you! It's so hard isn't it? I mean, I know you've said you understand her comments, and it sounds obvious to me that she sounds a bit trapped, a bit resentful that she can't spend money on herself, and even making excuses for herself at work because of her kids. But still, it IS judgemental, and superior. She's lashing out a little by saying it. And I'm so sorry you were on the end of that. It sucks! And any levity you can get from that is good.

  3. UGGGHHHHH. She sounds like a terrible mentor. I LOVE your "me too" comment, I would be entertained, too! Ugh. I actually have a draft post about the "as a parent comments" that came up all summer when it came to interviewing teachers for open positions, ugh. I'm glad you see that it's more about her dissatisfaction with parts of her life than you, but still it sucks when people throw that in your face (my least favorite is the "Must be nice..." one). I hope it gets better and you don't have to be attached to her much longer... is there anyone else who could be an unofficial mentor for you? Blergh.