Sunday, November 20, 2022

More IVF Failure in the News

I think momentum is building. I think more people are talking about the high failure rate of IVF.

Women have been blogging for over a decade. (Thank you to them!!!) There is more than one book published that talks about living childless not by choice. And now the news...

Last year MSNBC published this article. And we all read the Allure interview with Jennifer Aniston a couple of weeks ago. Then yesterday CNN published this article.

Not to mention, I've been digging into the research as I write my project proposal... Ten years ago? There were a couple of articles across the globe and disciplines addressing involuntary childlessness. Within the last two years? I found over twenty articles across the globe and disciplines during a four-hour deep dive on Friday night. (Yes, I am wild. I've gone from partying to researching on my weekends, both equally fun for me hahaha.)

It's happening. Information and perspectives about living CNBC are getting out there. Momentum is building. People are learning. Very, very slowly... But surely nonetheless.

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  1. Yes, slow but sure. I think the language is developing too, making it easier to find any articles. I certainly refer to being childless not by choice much more often these days, because I know that's how people find me.
    I well remember the exhilaration we felt ten years ago (April 2012) when a number of No Kidding bloggers were featured on Huffington Post. Much the same as a lot of people are feeling now - although now the recognition is much wider. All of it is good!

    1. Interesting point about a language developing, making it easier for people to search and connect. Also, there are more platforms now where people can connect. And that is good! I hope that people who need community find the community they need.

    2. Yes. I was lucky that I had my ectopics and infertility after the internet had developed, and so could find my tribe. Imagine the isolation we'd have experienced going through this pre-internet - it must have been awful for so many.

  2. I am glad these things are finally coming out of the taboo zone!
    It all takes so, so much time... but better late than never, as we say over here :-).

    Wishing you a cozy Advent Sunday!

    1. I just want people to know. I didn't know. I thought IVF worked. Not all the time but mostly...