Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting Through

I always seem to forget that grief isn't linear.

I was feeling pretty good about a lot of things for several months, and that was pretty cool. But I've really been missing my children these last couple of weeks.

Some things you don't get over; you just get through.


In other news, I finished my first semester of school! I started getting really into it at the end haha. Then I totally ran out of steam and just did the best I could to get through finals.

And now I'm done. And I'm pretty sure I passed!!!

I almost can't believe it. I honestly didn't believe I could do it. I thought the material was too much, too hard, not the kind of stuff that comes easily for me. And it was too much, too hard, and not the kind of stuff that comes easily for me hahaha, but I just kept getting up every day and doing it. I thought, what else am I going to do? Might as well do this.

And I did. And I'm glad. And I feel good about it.


  1. Well done! I hope you are very proud of yourself, and have a decent break.

    Hugs for the "getting through."

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
    Wishing you a lovely December.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your first semester of school. You did the right thing in thinking "I might as well". You could have just got up every day, not done it, and then got nothing... I often wish that in all the years I've sat at my desk in my corner at work in this boring job, I could have studied something and had something to show for the years. So good on you Phoenix
    I think December is a very maudling month for brooding on stuff, even I have also been thinking about children this past week when I thought I never would again.

    1. Sitting at a desk in a corner at a boring job is okay too. :) What I think is awesome about your life is all the cool traveling you do. I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. You are teaching me about places that I never even knew existed. I will probably never see these places in person, so I really appreciate you sharing your travels!

  4. I was sure I'd responded to this, and your previous post.

    Sometimes, yes, it's just the getting through. That's the hard part, but it's also the bit where we often forget to pat ourselves on the back for coping so much better than we might have even a year ago. And this tiime of the year is really hard.

    Well done on the course! I'm so glad you're feeling good about it. You deserve to!

    1. Thank you Mali! And now I know where to check for comments awaiting moderation hahaha. Sorry for the confusion!!

      Yes, it's so important for us to pat ourselves on the back. Recovering from infertility is not a small thing and we need to give ourselves credit where credit is due. :)