Tuesday, March 30, 2021

My 6th Survivor Anniversary

Before March ends, I want to recognize a date that's important to me: my survivor anniversary.

I have written about my previous survivor anniversaries here.

As March 2021 began, I felt disappointed knowing that my 6th anniversary of surviving infertility without my children was coming up. I had so many expectations. I thought I would be settled by now. I thought I would be well into my new career. I thought I would have a girlfriend or two in real life to meet up with for lunch or yoga. I thought a lot of things. But, we all know how plans go.

As the month progressed, I realized that I may be disappointed, but I am also damn proud of myself. I kind of can't believe I am still standing. Except I'm not, ha! I have spent the last three months resting, recovering, reflecting, and reinvesting in my own development. I've done a lot of that work lying down in bed, propped up by pillows and comforted by a pile of quilts on top of me.

It's been a hard 3 years (TTC and failed treatments) followed by a hard 3 years (selling my children's home and grad school) followed by a hard 3 years (divorce and moving three more times). But I find great satisfaction in knowing that I am nowhere near where I was. 

In fact, I've been living in a new state for almost 3 years now.

Is that literal AND metaphorical? Yes, yes it is. 

This time last year the pandemic was just beginning and I knew we'd be living differently for at least a year. I felt very defeated, angry, and depressed. Now I have an optimism that things will get better. 

We are not there yet, but, again, we are not where we were.

On my actual anniversary day, I woke up, remembered the date, and got out of bed. I. Got. Out. Of. Bed. I'm pretty sure I didn't do that on my first anniversary of survival. And that's okay. So I got out of bed, took a shower, drank some coffee, and went on about my day. I lived my life. Because that's what I do now. I live.

I read, I study, and I look for a job. I run errands and I work on my quilts. I text my friends, some of whom I didn't communicate with much during my darkest years. I call my parents. I maintain my boundaries. I walk to the coffee shop to get a fruit smoothie to go. I check online for daily specials on fabric and allow myself to indulge if I see something I want. I hang out with my boyfriend. We laugh, play games, and watch tv. I stop for moments at a time to watch the snow fall, the rain come down, the sun set, and the moon shine.

I am alive. I am living. And I love it.

Happy Anniversary to all of us Survivors, whenever yours is! 

Fellow bloggers and readers, thank you from the bottom of my healing heart for all of the support you have generously given me over the years. I'm so glad to call all of you my friends.


(P.S. I now have energy for others, which is another thing I can celebrate.
This is the latest quilt top I just finished. I am excited to pin the batting and backing fabric to it, quilt it, and sew on the binding. I am excited because it will be my first donation quilt.
Through the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge, this quilt will go to a person with ALS.
I am putting a lot of love and effort into this quilt,
and I am hopeful that whoever receives it will enjoy it.)


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love the idea of a Survivor's Anniversary being a time to celebrate, when it was first a time to commiserate. Brava! I also loved your line "I'm living in a new state." Literal AND metaphorical. Another brava!

    I'm so pleased for you, the hard work you've done and the efforts you've made and continue to make to grow.

    Also, that quilt is really gorgeous. I'm sure the recipient will love it!

    1. I liked that line too. ;) Plus, it's true! I live with a completely different perspective now.

      I'm just as excited about the backing fabric I bought for the quilt! It's a beautiful print and the fabric is called "minky" which is soft and furry, which I am hoping will bring extra comfort to the quilt's owner.

  2. The quilt is just beautiful! I am glad that a person with ALS will get it!

    1. Thank you! I am glad I found a way to volunteer in the safety of my own home during the pandemic, and I am very excited about this quilt!! :)

  3. Happy anniversary! I love the quilt, so beautiful. I love that you lived your life on this day and you have space for others, and you're in this new state. I hope this coming year sees more thriving in the life you're rebuilding from what came before. 💜

    1. Thank you! I am so grateful for your (and everyone's) support. It's priceless.

  4. Happy anniversary! I LOVE your quilt! and I love even more that you're donating it, and to such a great cause! The older brother of one of my best friends from high school died from ALS a few years ago, so it's a cause near & dear to her heart.

    1. Thank you. Making this quilt is giving a lot of meaning to my life right now. I wish we had a cure for ALS; it's a really terrible disease. I hope the quilt brings comfort to the person with ALS and to their family throughout the years. <3